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CVnavigator – the COMPANY


“Skills are a product – learn how to activate the human potential”

The company CVnavigator ApS is founded and equally owned by Kim Vindberg-Larsen and Nikola Schou-Pedersen in 2010.CVnavigator ApS offers a CV management suite – CVnavigator – for candidates, individuals and professionels on one side and enterprises, companies and governmental institutions on the other.CVnavigator ApS was formally incorporated in November 2010, but the fundamental idea behind CVnavigator actually began a few years earlier in 2004.The concept about an generic CV-administration and processing system was generated and evolved by Kim back in 2004 and was elaborated from the idea of a structured collaboration between small and midsized banks in the Nordic region, where crucial knowledge, experience and skills had to be documented in order to be shared between groups of collaborating financial institutions. However this project never came to the stage of implementation at that time.The next years the idea was evolved to cover a more wide area of functionality and prepared to meet new demands and requirements from the market, however the fundamentals still where similar and uniform. Three areas was identified as the main drivers for penetrating to the the market – and to be able to meet the demand for an online parametic controlled CV management suite.The central service was centered around an CV database containing resource information, a CVbrooker facility for professional service companies and a management view to identify a company’s skills and knowledge base. In addition concepts of a qualifying engine, a CVscorecard and a task management application was evolved in parallel.

The CVnavigator platform is the infrastructure and operational tool that makes it simple to screen the human skills and capacities of any company, industry or geographical area., eg. if an enterprise or government institution wants to realize the value of a population (beeing employees, members or citizens) in a company, industry or geographical area.

The company has utilized several new technologies, concepts and methods. These combined creates new evolving solutions all combined in CVnavigator.


CVnavigator – the AMBITION


“Create an infrastructure that support market transparency and create tools for benchmarking the value of skills together with optimization of personal data management”


Our Ambition is to redeem the unused potential of humanity – by identifying, evaluating and activating this HUMAN CAPITAL.

The vision is to set a standard for measuring and comparing skill, experience and competences – this being done by facilitating an infrastructure that utilizes and enables the unused potential of HUMAN CAPITAL.

The ambition encloses a strategy for market transparency and launching innovative tools CVscorecard and HUMAN|POTENTIAL mapping.

CVnavigator projects want to mobilize every Human Capacity in or order to take the world a step up the latter.


CVnavigator – the VISION ?

We at CVnavigator believes in the value of a safe, transparent and civilized environment in order to obtain optimal use of HUMAN CAPITAL and grow on the HUMAN POTENTIAL.

The VISION: CVnavigator believes in a safe, transparent and civilized market for HUMAN CAPITAL.

As we origin form the financial sector we allow our selves to view a Resume/CV as a personal databank account – and should be managed and processed as such.

We have build CVnavigator in that philosophy and the result is a sophisticated tool; that on one site gives the individual full control and administration of your data-bank account, and at the same time support an infrastructure like we know from the financial world where it is possible to manufacture intellectual reports for companies, organizations or governments, based on both anonymous and non-anonymous data.

Based on every databank CVnavigator can produce a an individual intellectual report – much like a statement of a bank account. CVnavigator enables structured analysis tools to identify each individual potential. We evaluate the past and estimate the future together with rating each individual against benchmarks.

Using each databank in different migrated data layers enables CVnavigator to produce statements of intellectual and reports for companies, organizations and populations. This report can be used as a operational tool to identify ‘hidden’ potential – but more importantly it is an excellent strategic tool to benchmark a company intellectual property against the market and to operationlize a future strategy through people the employees/members.

The analysis of the HUMAN CAPITAL gives a result = HUMAN POTENTIAL being the unrealized HUMAN CAPITAL that you as an individual have or as a part of a company can offer the company. We are convinsed that the key to generate internal value of any company, can be measured in how the value of human potential is realized into real value for the company.

In order to define the level of HUMAN POTENTIAL we need to be able to identify and setting standards for measurements of such. It is a complex process to be able identify, evaluate and activate HUMAN  POTENTIAL – the keystone is to know every resources databank of skills and experience – and be able to activate this information for strategic and operational value of your enterprise.

CVnavigator is just such a tool through computer intelligence and organic growth will activate and redeem the potential of your individual HUMAN CAPITAL or company strategy for activating the HUMAN POTENTIAL.



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