“Kim’s visionary  and determined focus is a major part of  bringing CVnavigator to live and ensuring the core business functionality of the system.”


Founder and Partner, CEO

Born in 1974 in Denmark and started his career in the danish banking sector in 1994 as a bankier.

Kim’s eager to obtain knowledge in the rapidly evolving IT platforms for the financial sector in DK, quickly made him responsible for locally IT responsibilities. This  came to its first peak in 1997, where he took the opportunity to be part of a complete roll out of a brand new corebanking platform to more than 80 Danish Banks.

Kim’s ability to transform complex business requirement to adapt to the new corebanking solution was noticed and appreciated.

Kim took in parallel part in developing comprehensive educational material and was responsible for education somewhere around 600 end-users of the new system.

Again in 2005 Kim’s competences and knowledge was acknowledged, when he participated in one of the biggest financial IT projects in the nordic region at that time – transforming the corebank platform and frontend for more than 80 norwegian financial institutions.

Kim continued his carreer as a competent business analyst in the financial sector with one foot in the day2day businees in a bank and the other foot solid founded in the IT financial platform going to 2007.

In 2003 Kim established his privately owned company E|4|U – with the purpose of speeding up the implementation of IT solutions, business process optimizations and new concepts for a group of small range banks in DK. Establishing this platform for shared services between banks gave growth to new concepts within banking products, IT solution and operational purposes together with inspirational ideas and conceptualizations.

At some point, Kim was helping up to 16 banks singled handed, and realizing this was a challenge - the idea and concept of CVnavigator was born. Sharing resources, knowledge and skills was to become one of the keystones in order to continue growth for E|4|U and its customers.

CVnavigator was to be the operational tool to enable a crossover platform for resources and competences, where each financial institution had the opportunity to get assistance from a collaborating bank. However this service never came to the point of implementation.

In 2007 Kim changed his relation to a full time professional service company - – and have till february 2010 been part of several major software development, implementations and coresystem transformations in scandinavia, Turkey and other parts of the world.

In 2010 Kim introduced and implemented the business platform from E|4|U into – still licensed to E|4|U – where a full implementation of CVnavigator was the cornerstone in order to ensure the succes of  the new business platform.

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“Nikola’s intelligent touch and innovative thinking is a keystone in the architecture of CVnavigator.”



Founder and Partner, CTO

Nikola have a background from building and designing system since 1995. Nikola have a master of science in physics, matemathics and computer science from university of copenhagen.

In spring 2008 Kim and Nikola was to be introduced to each other in order to develop an efficient implementation, documentation and test tool with the purpose to support a giant financial transformation project in Turkey. The mutual understanding, effortless approach and each persons geniality was a success. Shortly after the encounter a fully functionality prototype was operationally – and it was soon to be showing it worth. The tools was an absolute geniality and bridged the exercises of documentation, implementation, testing and optimization to one single stroke – and in addition the tool was very user friendly. The tools is still used today – and is still top of its class. A fruitfull collaboration between Kim and Nikola was established.

One dark and late november night 2009 Nikola was introduced to the idea and concept of CVnavigator. The collaboration between the two once again turned out a success and CVnavigator emerged as a functionally prototype in short time. CVnavigator version 1.0 was ready for launch in february 2010.

Since then several remarkable orchestrations have emerged in the CVnavigator solution –  ’It is a complete pleasure to be a front row audience of the orchestral concert of ‘smart and intelligent’ sonata performed by Nikola’ quote Kim.

More details about Nikola – please link here

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