CVnavigator  - it is like the invention of the wheel

Going from manual CV administration to CVnavigator was a quantum leap.

As a professional service division in an international company – efficient CV management is crucial to us – as the CV is the label of our product.

CVnavigator is doing an excellent job by supporting selling – right on time –  and at the same time giving us as a company a very easy overview of our products, ongoing offers and a full offering history.

Our employees and subcontrators performs online maintenance and management of their CV’s across the globe on a daily basis.

CVnavigator enables our capability to support our own and customers projects with the best candidates with the correct settings of skills and knowledge.

Online access from our resources gives us the advantage in the market like no one else – and in addition customers can search and view candidates online. The fully searchable database is a great asset and indispensable in any offering we make.

The efficient import engine is absolutely magnificent – no matter if we want to hire employees or engage with subcontractors, we are able to just load any number of CV’s into ‘The navigator” (as we call it) – and in a matter of seconds all the candidates CV is fully parametric searchable to all entities of the company, customers, partners and affiliates. Truely outstanding.

CVnavigator is not only an CVmanagement suite – for us it is also a state of art distribution platform. CVnavigator is today the most critical system to our business!

March 2010, Managing Director of Bluephoenix Solution Nordic A/S

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