The Product

WHAT IS CVnavigator?


“CV management in terms of software as a service”

The product is a CV management suite for individuals, professionals, companies, enterprises and governmental institutions. The product is SaaS (Software as a Service), where companies and individuals can share and maintain skill and knowledge information.

CVnavigator is an online portal, for individuals to load their CV information and for companies in order to use this information for boosting their productivity.

The architecture of CVnavigator supports different layers of shared information as well as separating company crucial information. Every piece of information is fully searchable.

CV navigator has an import engine which is capable of importing any Word or PDF document into the database. All text in the imported CV’s is fully searchable once imported. Skills, contact information etc. is automatically structured in the database without any users interaction!

As the central skill database organically grows – so does the the skill set of any CV – CV Navigator remembers the original CV and the intelligence of CV Navigator automatically extracts and assigns new skills.

Based on every databank CVnavigator can produce a an individual intellectual report – much like a statement of a bank account. CVnavigator enables structured analysis tools to identify each individual potential. We evaluate the past and estimate the future together with rating each individual against benchmarks.

Using each databank in different migrated data layers enables CVnavigator to produce intellectual reports for companies, organizations and populations. This report can be used as a operational tool to identify ‘hidden’ potential – but more importantly it is an excellent strategic tool to benchmark a company intellectual property against the market and to operationlize a future strategy through people the employees/members.

gives a Human potential is the unrealized HUMAN CAPITAL that you as an individual have or as a part of a company can offer the company. We are convinsed that the key to generate internal value of any company, can be measured in how the value of human potential is realized into real value for the company.

In order to define the level of HUMAN POTENTIAL we need to be able to identify and setting standards for measurements of such. It is a complex process to be able identify, evaluate and activate HUMAN  POTENTIAL – the keystone is to know every resources databank of skills and experience – and be able to activate this information for strategic and operational value of your enterprise.

CVnavigator is just such a tool through computer intelligence and organic growth will activate and redeem the potential of your individual HUMAN CAPITAL or company strategy for HUMAN POTENTIAL.

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