CVnavigator for enterprises


“CVnavigator is the  solution for Business or Enterprise. It’s so easy to use; just think iTunes® for business.”

The product is build as a fully scaleable SaaS (Software as a Service) Solution, where companies and individuals can share and maintain skill and knowledge information. CVnavigator is an online portal for individuals to load their CV information and for companies in order to use this information for different purposes.The architecture of CVnavigator is supports different layers of shared information as well as seprating company crucial information. It is made fully scaleable and every information is parametric tagged and fully searchable.

CV navigator have several engines – but one really stands out among its piers. The Import engine is capable of importing any word, PDF or alike into the parametric controlled database – and not only one at a time – the engine HAS NO UPPER LIMIT.

In addition every information in the imported CV’s is fully searchable at once they imported.

Skills, contactinformation etc. is automatically structured in the database without any users interaction! As the central skill database organically grows – so does the the skillset of any CV – CVnavigator memory remember the original CV and the intelligence of CVnavigator automatically extract and assign new skills to an individuals CV.


Want to bring your business beyond?

“Identify the value of HUMAN POTENTIAL, evaluate and activate it to become working HUMAN CAPITAL”

CVnavigator is used to manage and document your company’s resources skillbase, skill planning, skill mapping, experience management, task/assignment administration and so much more.CVnavigator can support any business in need of getting an overview of the skillset within a company and give you answers of where to invest in future education or new skillsets.

It is a CV administration system that keeps you up-to-date on your employees or consultants skills in a simple, structured and searchable way.

The system ensures an optimal use of your resources by letting you know what specific resources you have available, what their experiences are and where to find them.

CVnavigator is an online system which means that it is easy to get started and a start-up can happen within minutes and with no initial cost.

There is no limitation as to how many CVs CVnavigator can contain. The system can easily be accessed online from anywhere in the world.

CVnavigator is a SaaS software with the purpose to administrate and manage Human Potential within Competences/Skills.

CVnavigator can take any number of excisting CV’s and import it for immidiately use in your company.

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