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CVnavigator offers unique abilities to you manage and process CV information – Curriculum Vitae – information whether your are an individual or an enterprise.
As an individual – the online CV management suite of CVnavigator offers unique features to support the provision of data and data management of CV information – this is consolidated by being able to collect data from LinkedIN, word, PDF, Excel etc., with the objective to generate a true statement of your personal INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY – and having this in one place, where you always access and maintain it. Use the features of granting access to your CV information to companies or organizations that you will allow to have access or use your data for a period of time.
Consider your CV as an personal statement of INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and use it actively as a strategic knowledge management tool of your personal HUMAN CAPITAL.
Identify your strongest skills individually and combined through our truly unique features of a scorecard and rating mechanism – CVscorecard and CVrating.
In addition CVnavigator – the online CVmanagement suite – offers an evidence based analysis behavior profile – an analysis of your social profile and social skills.
Such a report of your personal HUMAN POTENTIAL is a unique personal assessment and TRUE value proposition for you and any company.
CVnavigator features summarized is providing you with a useful tool to IDENTIFY – EVALUATE – ACTIVATE your human capacities and capabilities.
As an enterprise, organization or company you will benefit tremendously using the online CVmanagement suite of CVnavigator.
Manage the HUMAN POTENTIAL of your company by having realtime online assessment of the intellectual property of the company – by using such information strategically your company will be able to meet and adapt the market of tomorrow.
CVnavigator is specialized for the recruiting Business industry and the Professional services Industry – but today we cover and meet any enterprise or organization with our Statement of Intellectual Property and HR system features.
As a recruiter, you positions your jobs on your website through our display channel. Candidates attach their CV to the position and by this you can process and manage multiple candidates for each job position. Get a helping hand to the assessment of the Candidates by using the CVnavigator ‘CVrating and CVscorecard’ – and using the in system module for processing the applications.
As a professional services you can collect and assess CV’s directly from your company website. Distribute and attach your products being candidates to the position or projects, and grant direct access for your customers to the chosen CV’s for review. This is true straight through processing.
As an company use the CVnavigator to identify the true level of Human Capital and Intellectual Property within any company/organization – this is a very STRONG strategictool. Use this information to manage your company knowledge and resources, in order to maximize the companies position in the market and optimize the use of internal and external knowledge, experience and skilled education – combined with an evaluation and due diligence between salary and level of the benefit the human capital of any employee benefits the company.
Any company or organization can use our realtime online ‘skillMAP‘ to be displayed on the website as information the total level of skills with the company or organization.
In addition to this – CVnavigator has the potential to be the leading provider of producing an Intellectual Property Statement. Hence this statement being based on each individuals statement of HUMAN CAPITAL and HUMAN POTENTIAL. The method generates a realistic and true picture and value of the Intellectual Property of any organization or enterprise.
CVnavigator offers the unique ability to combine the hard facts of intellectual property with a evidence based analysis of SOCIAL PROFILE of each individual.
This can be summarized to team level or company level as well – providing the company with a useful tool to IDENTIFY – EVALUATE – ACTIVATE the human capacities and capabilities in any company.
ALL IN ALL – the online CVmanagement suite – will optimize any company’s quest to monetize its assets.
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