Create CV Navigator Site

Create your very own CV Navigator site.  After filling in this simple form you will be ready to go.


Mass import of CVs

All of your CV’s can be imported in a number of minutes. Just put them into a zip-file and follow the wizard shown here.

List resources

After a number of resources have been created or imported, you can list, sort and search.

Edit resource

Editing a cv is easy and convenient. You can either do it yourself on behalf of the CV-owner, or simply invite the person to do it on his/her own.

Print CV

When a CV is ready, make a print. Customize the print in whatever way you want, for instance, for anonymous print.

Search by Skills

To find resources by skills simply follow this wizard.

Edit base data

All base data can be customized. Status-values, profile-types, languages etc.etc.

At this page you can edit “Industries”.

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