CVmanagement SUITE

What is a CV|MANGEMENT suite?

It is a collection of tools that combined becomes a toolbox – a suite. The tool categories is defined below…

Multiple Key Process Handling - tools to make usage of CV/Resume information.


Job Application Process Management 

- tools to keep track of and manage multiple application in parallel


Data Collection and Management 

- being able to effecient collect, registre, edit, update,maintain and structure personal data from multiple sources – Enhanced CV/Resume emphasized detail descriptions, detailed skills, customer and projects


Data Quality and Security 

- tools ensuring the quality of information through rule engine and architecture and in compliance to regulations and convience of user diskretion, – Anonymous one-click functionality


Broadcasting and Presentation 

- Software as a Service on multiple browsers an in addition on mobile devices supporting ‘Show when relevant’


Analysis and Reporting 

- tools for identification, evaluation and assesment of the HUMANCAPITAL and intellectual report statement, CVrating and scorecard etc.


Strategy going Operational 

- for the HUMANPOTENTIAL in terms of how to activate the HUMANCAPITAL by setting af strategy for how to ‘go to market’ with the candidates potential – targeted to add value to an employee, a company, in a board, part of an organization AND yourself.

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