The key to generate  internal value of any company – can be measured in how the value of human potential is realized into real value for the company!

CVnavigator soon to launch the first CVscorecard ever seen!

The CVscorecard is an assessment and evaluation of any competences in a CV ending up in a standard measurement for the true value of the content of a CV.

CVscorecard is a numerical expression based on a statistical analysis of a person’s CV|databank against multiple person CV|databank. The CVscorecard is to represent the worthiness of the CV content of that person. A CVscorecard is primarily based on CV information typically sourced from databanks - benchmarched against similar information on other databanks.

Enterprises use CVscorecard to evaluate the potential to operationalize business potential and to identify risk posed by being depending og employees/resources to effectuate the business as on-going and to venture any value opportunities.

Enterprises can use the CVscorecard to determine who qualifies for a position in the company, at what salary level, and what level of position ex management level together with identifying the need/strategy for education.

Enterprises also use CVscorecard to determine which employees are most likely to bring in the most revenue.

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