Human Potential



The key to generate  internal value of any company – can be measured in how the value of human potential is realized into real value for the company!

CVnavigator defines HUMAN POTENTIAL as:

Human potential is the unrealized HUMAN CAPITAL that you as an individual have or as a part of a company can offer the company. We are convinsed that the key to generate internal value of any company, can be measured in how the value of human potential is realized into real value for the company.

In order to define the level of HUMAN POTENTIAL we need to be able to identify and setting standards for measurements of such. It is a complex process to be able identify, evaluate and activate HUMAN  POTENTIAL – the keystone is to know every resources databank of skills and experience – and be able to activate this information for strategic and operational value of your enterprise.

CVnavigator is just such a tool through computer intelligence and organic growth will activate and redeem the potential of your individual HUMAN CAPITAL or company strategy for HUMAN POTENTIAL.

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